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Oregon PTA attended the Ways and Means Road Show at PCC Sylvania, in Portland. Across the board the message was clear, our state cannot afford to sustain cuts to essential services and education. There is no reason for it in this robust economy. Large and out of state corporations are not meeting their obligation to our children. We urged our state leaders to seek revenue to fund health care, senior services and education in Oregon.

The Oregon legislature began its work with many new faces in the legislature.This is a time of learning for them and a great opportunity for you to invite your legislators to have a conversation with your PTA.This legislative session will prove hard on education and critical services due in part to the expected budget shortfall. The Oregon School Boards Association says the Governor’s proposed budget is $500 million short of “current services” The only way we can grow funding for … read more

Please join me at our annual leadership conference on April 21-22, 2017.  Each year at our conference, we gather to celebrate our accomplishments, educate ourselves on issues that affect our children, and plan for the future of our association. It is critical that local PTAs are represented to share their voice as we elect officers to the state board, adopt resolutions to support and strengthen our legislative platform, and talk to each other about our challenges and successes as parent … read more

“As president of the Oregon Parent Teacher Association, I am dedicated to addressing the problems facing our schools. Decades of disinvestment have led to large class sizes, short school years and fewer class offerings. Today, Oregon has one of the worst high school graduation rates in the county. I want a brighter future for our children.” Read more here.

“Oregon mandated the QEM, the quality education model, so many years ago, and we’ve never fully funded it because we gave the legislators an out. We said, ‘If you guys give us a report about why you can’t fund it, that’s good enough.’ That’s not good enough. I think if we are funding our schools statewide to the quality education model, a lot of this stuff kind of goes away. “When it comes down to it, that’s really, that’s our … read more


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